Project Description

TOLES stands for Legal English Skills Test. The TOLES program consists of a course structured with Legal subjects, covered with Legal English training materials, consisting of three professional exam levels. Exam levels are determined to meet the Legal English standard required by employers such as International Commercial Law Firms, in-house Legal teams at private companies, and world-class Legal translators.

TOLES is also an exam score and is valid indefinitely. It is recognized by many world-famous public and private institutions and organizations. These include The Law Society of England and Wales Linklaters Op-penhoff and Radler, Allen&Overy LLP, Baker and McKenzie, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Sony Ericsson, Daimler Chrysler, European Court of Justice, European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Qatar Steel Company, Qatar Petrochemical Corporation, DuPont, Fresh fields Bruckhaus Deringer, Siemens are examples.

ITTC’s Exam Centre, with its teachers and instructors, all of whom have TESOL diplomas and who are experienced in the field of English teaching, implements professional language teaching using the “two for one” method with the Content Based Instruction (CBI) model. In this method, the participants learn the general rules and structure of the English language together with the professional language, jargon and terminology and texts prepared on professional subjects. In this model, the rules and structure of the language are used as a tool, and the participant develops awareness of the rules of the language while improving their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

Each lesson is preconfigured by expert teachers. Participants can contribute to this setup, especially suggesting the subjects they want to study to the teacher. With this method, it is easier to develop written or oral language skills on a subject that is the participant’s area of ​​expertise.

A textbook is used for one level. The textbook is provided by the student; however, additional materials for the listening, writing, speaking and reading sections will be provided by the teacher.

In principle, ITTC Exam Centre works in groups with limited number of participants. For professional language teaching, a group is formed with five people whose English knowledge is determined by the placement test method, but the number of participants in a group cannot be more than ten.

TOLES is a program and exam applied at various levels and consists of three different levels: foundation, higher and advanced. Each level represents a certificate program. Each is planned as 80 hours and 6 hours per week. The day and time will be determined for a common time period according to the available hours of the participants in a group.

Sample topics that make up the theme of reading, writing, speaking or listening studies to be covered at three levels are listed below.

– basic legal negotiations

– pre-contractual documents

– commercial contracts

– banking

– companies

– other forms of business

– bankruptcy and insolvency

– employment law and contracts

– the litigation process

– essential contract law

– the law of tort

– intellectual property

– real estate

– oral contracts

– an introduction to the common law

– letter writing skills

Legal issues covered in this program form the theme of language development in terms of jargon, terminology and vocabulary. It is not based on or intended to teach the Legal system of any country or region.

At the end of the course, each participant is obliged to take the TOLES exam prepared by TOLES LEGAL. The exam is prepared on the basis of general topics that Legal professionals are engaged in and is completely up-to-date.

Exams include writing, reading and listening sections. Each level’s exam covers different durations and topics.

Exam date and time will be planned by ITTC’s Exam Centre and participants will be informed at the end of the course.

All participants receive certificates showing their performance and average passing grades in each section. TOLES certificate is delivered by the institution as stamped and printed.

ITTC’s Exam Centre is honoured to contribute to the English learning and development of legal professionals and linguists interested in Legal English. For more information, you can visit our website or school or contact us by phone.

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