Project Description

TELSa examinations measure the candidate’s proficiency on English language. The examinations have been designed with an international user in mind.

The tests are a balanced integration of both Academic English and General English since we have tried to incorporate skills such as summary writing, note-taking, and other strategies which are more commonly tested in the latter type of tests. This, we feel, provides our candidates with the opportunity for more comprehensive preparation, and they should, therefore, be better able to cope with the language and skills necessary in the real world. The TELSa examinations, therefore, cater for a wider range of candidates, ranging from the High school student looking to apply for admission into a University to the adult who is keen on improving his or her position at work.


The Use of English section 20%

This section consists of 6 vocabulary and grammar tasks.

The Writing section 20%

This section consists of 2 tasks which test the candidates’ ability to write different types of text including essays, letters, emails and messages. At B1 level, candidates are also assessed through transformation tasks.

The Reading section 20%

The two reading tasks in this section test the candidates’ ability to deal confidently with different types of written discourse, including narrative and short articles, as well as their ability to control vocabulary, and, at Level B1, to focus on coherence and cohesion devices in order to recreate a gapped text.

The Listening section 20%

The candidates’ ability to understand and process English in a range of spoken situations, such as monologues, dialogues, announcements and recorded messages is assessed. At B1 level, the ability to understand TV news items is also assessed, as are candidates’ note-taking skills.

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